Monday, June 15, 2009


- Voting will be from June 16, 2009 (12:01 am EST) through June 30, 2009 at noon EST.

- Look at the entries, read their pleas for votes, and pick ONE to vote on.
To vote, leave a comment by clicking on the Comment link under the pet you would like to vote for.
Then click on "Post a Comment"
Type your comment.
Type the "word verification"
Under "Choose an Identity", click Google (Blogger), Open Id, Name/URL or Anonymous and enter your information. IF YOU CHOOSE ANONYMOUS, YOU MUST "SIGN" YOUR COMMENT WITH SOME ID NAME. You can use your Etsy, Artfire, AOL name - just something unique. (ie. I think such and so is so adorable. Sincerely, You can look at the archives from May for examples.

ONE VOTE PER PERSON FOR THE ENTIRE CONTEST. So, for the entire June contest, each person can only vote ONCE. (People got tired of voting everyday during the last contest, so we're going to give this a try.)

Complete rules are listed on the sidebar of our Furbabies page.

Follow the fun on our Etsy forum thread.

Contestant #26


Why you should vote for me:

"I am the ultimate Etsy pet. My parents adopted me from the Broward Humane society and found out that I came from San Juan. A few weeks later mommy was trading with a woman on Etsy who sells dog beds. They start chatting and she asks where mommy got me. Mommy sent her a picture and told her where I was adopted from. It turns out I came from her Save A Sato Organization!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Contestant #25

Truman and Oswald

Why you should vote for us:

"We love hanging out on our favorite couch with our stuffed dog, Gorgeous George!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Contestant #24


Why should you vote for me?

"I am amused by the simplicity of your question. Please pass me your finest meats and cheeses."

He's such a snob. ;-)

Contestant #23

Despe and Pea

Why you should vote for us:

"We have the highest cuteness density of all the candidates (cuteness density = cuteness/volume). Seriously, have you ever seen this much cuteness jammed (excuse the pun!) into a small jam jar? We think not."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Contestant #22


Why you should vote for me:

"You should vote for me, as I need my share in the spotlight! I live in a household of all grey-colored dogs, and I stand out like a sore thumb! My brothers and sisters keep telling me I'm adopted! Oh... and Momma says if I win she'll let me outta my cage."

Contestant #21


Why you should vote for me:

"My Passion in life is beach combing with my Mom and Dad for beach glass. One of these days I just may find a piece, but until then I'll just soak up the rays :) Please vote for me, I want to make Mom and Dad Proud :) "

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contestant #20


Why you should vote for me:

"I'm 14+ years old and just the sweetest, most gentle soul. I lost my twin brother to kidney disease last year but I'm still going strong and fully enjoy being a big, silly kitty. Also, I bleat like a sheep instead of meowing."

Contestant #19


Why you should vote for me:

"Because I will eat your socks if you don't."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Contestant #18


Why you should vote for me:

"I'm so Cute and Cuddly! I would just LOVE to be pet of the month! My Mommy, brothers and sisters would be so proud of me! I'm a SWEET little Girl and I LOVE to make my Mommy Happy!!! So Please help me by voting for me now!."

Contestant #17

Obelisk and Miss Money Penny

Why you should vote for us:

Miss Money Penny:
"I'll vote for Obelisk because she told me to."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Contestant #16


Why you should vote for me:

(<--------see the picture)

Contestant #15


Why you should vote for me:

"Mommy, I promise I didn't eat the cupcake."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Contestant #14


Why you should vote for me:

"I'm kinda shy as you can see but I always smile and I love my mummy very much despite my cold blood. Plus I'm cute and I'm cool because I can bond to things with my special feet."

Contestant #13

Contestant #13

I'm just filling up space so that no one has to have an "unlucky" number.

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Contestant #12


Why you should vote for me:

"When the vet told my owners that Calico cats have a mind of their own, I don't think he realized what an understatement that was. I'm curious about everything, enjoy heights, & love to play fetch with my mouse toys. Bijou for President!"

Contestant #11


Why you should vote for me:

"Well, first of all because I try REALLY hard to live up to my name:) And second because I have such a gorgeous smile! Just look at me!"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Contestant #10

Maggie and Nanner

Why you should vote for us:

"Guinea pigs are cool! We are awesome pets! Just ask our people, Matt 11 and Noah 7. We bring them so much joy:) If we win they will fill out! Please vote for us!! Peace:)"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Contestant #9


Why you should vote for me:

"I need a nap after all that beachcombing in Nova Scotia with Mom."

Contestant #8

Dandelion & Chloe

(Dandelion, the kitten and Chloe the dachshund)

Why you should vote for us:

"We want to show the world that cats and dogs can be friends, just like Milo and Otis. Plus we both really really like treats.... a lot! Oh and were cute!"

Contestant #7

(pronounced Meeesh)

Why you should vote for me:

"I'm such a hard little worker. I spend all day helping Mommy model her vintage purses, and I even hold really really still the whole time, even though I'm still only a kitten! Well, and you should vote for me because my sad face is absolutely heartwrenching (think Puss from Shrek...), and I might have to send you all the saddest picture ever if you don't vote for me!!!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Contestant #6


Why you should vote for me:

"I'm a little love pig (with snorting noises to match), and I love to be in someone's lap at all times of the day."

Contestant #5


Why you should vote for me:

"Pleeeease vote for me so I can get a dress that fits. My sister Nicky generously gave me hers when I was rescued from a breeder after being bought AND returned, but even after going from 5 to 7 pounds it is still big on me. I haven't let life get me down and I am too darn cute to wear hand me downs!"

Contestant #4

Callie Ann

Why you should vote for me:

"I am 'keeping an eye' on the homemade ravioli...please vote for me...then maybe if I win~ I can get some of these! XOXO"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Contestant #3


Why you should vote for me:

"I am cute and mommy and daddy love me very much."

Contestant #2

Giupetto & Gianna

Why you should vote for us:

"We think we should win because we are so very cute!! We chose this picture because Mommy says June is a big month for weddings."

"I know I look cool in my hat and tails, because I am a very cool dude." Giupetto

"I think I make an awesome June bride. Don't you?" Gianna

"Vote for us, because we rock! And we love you" Giupetto and Gianna"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Contestant #1


Why you should vote for me:

"Vote for me please with kibble on top, and if asking nicely didn't work, then don't MAKE me use my doxie mind control! (Might be against the rules.) This wiener dog REALLY NEEDS her treat fix."