Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contestant #19

Sheelin MacKitty
The photos were taken of sweet Sheelin as a four month old kitten when she first became part of our "Scrappy Cat Cat Toys" testing team. She and her house mates carefully made sure our kitty toys were cat tested, approved and ready for marketing. She was sitting in a basket full of the toys for the first shot, then laid down in them and peeked over the side.

She is the kitten of a abandonned, expectant calico that we fostered and fell in love with. Both Sheelin and her momma kitty, Abhalinn have found a permanent home with us.

Sheelin is now two years old and actually comes when we call "Sheelinny, Sheelinny, Shelinny!"


Jen, Greg and family said...

We think Sheeliny is very cute.
Here is a vote for her.
Jenn, Greg, Thomas, Stephen, Nicholas and Lexie

Anonymous said...

Just adorable she is.....Very cute. JB

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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