Saturday, June 13, 2009

Contestant #24


Why should you vote for me?

"I am amused by the simplicity of your question. Please pass me your finest meats and cheeses."

He's such a snob. ;-)


Anonymous said...

He's a dobe. Nuff said.

The Momma said...

Gets my vote!!! Lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous guy!
Marleys Mom

Joaquin said...

This Doberman is very regal looking, just a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Handsome!!! Looking good!!!

Aunti Joni

Gunner's Dad said...

Word of advice...never feed a Doberman meat and cheese, even if he is royalty and treats you like his servant. Stinky is all I will say........... ;-)

Vote cast for the big lug!

Gunner's Dad

HARVEY said...


Anonymous said...

From unwanted and abandoned to a beautiful and loved Dobermann.
Swamp Mama

Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy! Very noble and dignified.


Dobiemommy said...

Dobes rule!!

brownsmom said...

Gunner, I know for a fact you will eat ANYTHING people give you...and everyone who is in the car with you later will be sorry!

Anonymous said... Love...even if you don't win, you'll forever be #1 to me!! =)


Mom (Pawsh)

Pam said...

Jazzie here. I think you are very handsome and want my mommy to arrange a playdate with you, but she says my hormones should be under control because I was fixed. I didn't know I was broken. Anyhow, I like your style.

Anonymous said...

Dobes rule and so does that photo.
Gorgeous and regal.