Sunday, June 7, 2009

Contestant #12


Why you should vote for me:

"When the vet told my owners that Calico cats have a mind of their own, I don't think he realized what an understatement that was. I'm curious about everything, enjoy heights, & love to play fetch with my mouse toys. Bijou for President!"


maidofclay said...

Bijou looks like she's glowing - just like any superstar should! I vote for Bijou :-)

Designs by Marie Julie said...

Beautiful cat. Agree witn MOC. She is a superstar. I vote for Bijou.

Nansglam said...

She us such a cutie!!!

AlliesAdornments said...

With only one vote, i'm definitely biased & voting for my home furbaby, Bijou the princess kitty! said...

Bijou is Biyoutiful Beyond Belief.
I vote for Bejou.