Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contestant #14

"Lady, is our little bundle of love, Shetland Sheepdog, which many refer to as "Shelties". We physically RESCUED Lady, along with her brothers and sisters when we heard the story of their pending death. The owners were just days away of destroying these starving, precious, helpless puppies. Once we had homes in just hours of their rescue, we jumped into gear at saving her mommy and daddy. We were able to rescue her mommy just days later, and the next day was one day too late to save her daddy. Horribly, he was run over with their riding tractor mower. It was incredibly tragic. As a result of her mommy being starved while pregnant, and the severe neglect in Lady's early life, Lady was born Blind. Although many felt that she was worthless, to us, she was every bit of love and loyalty ! She was by no means worthless !

I would say that Lady's very Thankful for the saving of her life and her siblings. She is Thankful to be a loving member of our family ! As you view the early pictures of Lady as she grows, you will see one picture with her first tennis ball. Once we viewed this photo, we realized the 'name' stamped on the ball... " SURVIVOR". How fitting is that !!! She cannot see the ball, but she will ' listen ' for the ball hitting the wall, she then positions herself for the snatching of the ball as it rolls back to her. Its a blessing to watch her play. We have since adopted Ben, our yellow/white Lab, Benjamin Isaac. He has NO CLUE he is a furbaby...he is a member of the family, and thats that. LOL So now, about Ben......."

"Ben, our big furbaby boy, is a wonderfully loving and so devoted furbaby ! And yes, both our furbabies are furniture friendly, meaning they love it when you sit on 'THEIR COUCH' with them. :-) .... Ben has selftrained to take care of our little Lady. Ben will take his stuffed toy and lower it down to Lady so she can latch onto one of its limbs and he will guide Lady through the house. Its a blessing to watch the two together. Ben always lets Lady win at wrestling, even though he towers over her. Ben always runs for the high jump catching his frisbee, while Lady is standing close by 'listening' for Ben's collar to jingle, and she chases him in the direction he runs off, then half way, she stops.... listens....and when Ben comes back with the frisbee, he slows down for Lady to pick up the run again back to us. Its amazing to watch them. In one photo we refer to as 'SNOW BLIND' you will see Lady out in the midst of snow, waiting on Ben to return.

So the story here, our little Lady is Thankful to be alive, to be in a home filled with love, to have a furbaby companion that takes care of her, and parents that can't imagine their home without her.

And Ben, he is Thankful to be Lady's eyes, also to be a huge part of a home filled with love, with the same parents that can't imagine their home without him.

I am not going to be the one to tell them that they are furbabies...they have no clue at all......... "


Ann said...

That is the most amazing and wonderful story. Bless you for rescuing everyone!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Incredible story...a real testimony to love and compassion. What a gift Lady has found in her loving home! So good of Ben to be the guardian angel for her,too. Thanks you for sharing!

SassySashadoxie said...

This is a truely amazing story. Got to love animals, and yes we won't tell them they are furbabies. Aww, so cute.

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Just a wonderful story. I want to thank you for sharing, and for being the compassionate caring person that you are. How wonderful too that Ben has taken to be Lady's eyes.