Saturday, May 15, 2010

Contestant #8


This is Jasper. He is one of two rescue kitties and is about 10 months old.
He loves to drink from the pond and play in the flowers!
Jasper is such a friendly feline and enjoys attention from all of the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Such a great kitty kitty!

Anonymous said...

Jasper looks so great by the white iris and the pond!

Anonymous said...

"That's my kitty!"

Arianna Jolie

Anonymous said...

Jasper is a cool name! He's a great cat for the neighborhood too.

Jason Allen N.

Anonymous said...

"Jasper is part of my family!"

Gavin Carter

Anonymous said...

He's a pretty kitty cat

Beverly Sue

Art and Sew Forth said...

I just HAVE to vote for a kitty!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice we still have a string of christmas lights on the house!?!? Oopsy. Jasper likes to jump on that ledge and look into the house!