Saturday, February 13, 2010

Contestant #15

Baxter and Roscoe

"After our dog Chloe went to dog heaven, we thought we'd never be the same. And we aren't. But a week later, my husband showed up with a puppy in his arms, a flea ridden, weak little fella who needed a family to love him. Our big, fuzzy Baxter took right to this teeny guy, who turned out to be a dachshund mix. We named him Roscoe, and he spent his first month with us sleeping on Baxter's fuzzy tail. Roscoe is now a vigorous dog who is so loving, he absolutely rejoices any time he sees you. He still follows Baxter everywhere, and is in head over heels in *love* with our kitty, Nadia.

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SassySashadoxie said...

Got to love doxie puppy and sibling pics. We vote for you today. Sasha and Athena.