Friday, December 4, 2009

Contestant #5


"Barkley is a 5 month old Brussels Griffon. He loves his squeaky stocking toy (and pretty much anything that squeaks). He gets all excited every time he figures out how to squeak it himself. As you can tell it was a long day of taking Christmas card pictures! We were lucky enough to get this one last shot with Barkley fast asleep, still wearing his elf hat!"


DianaDesignsNY said...

My first vote is for Barkley.
This is the most precious picture. Little Barkley is all tuckered out. What a cutie.

StylinDogsBoutique said...

You are very cute, so I will vote with you this time.
I am Giupetto and Gianna's Dad

DianaDesignsNY said...

We have to get some votes. You are so cute, and this picture is so precious.

Melissa said...

My precious baby! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

what a sweetheart, so precious

jay ray