Saturday, December 12, 2009

Contestant #16


"I have several cats, but Simon decided to declare his holiday spirit one day by sitting in my Christmas door wreath!
He loves everything about Christmas. A Christmas tree to play under, bows to steal off presents, Christmas special cartoons on TV (he's fascinated by them!) and his own kitty present to open by himself on Christmas morning. He even has his own stocking! (All my kitties do! Santa has to have somewhere to hide their presents!)


SassySashadoxie said...

What a way to show those humans you believe in Santa Claws. We vote for you today for showing such wonderfull Kitty Christmas spirit. Sasha and Athena.

catcraftsmo said...

We love you, Simonizer! We sent your wish list to Santa and he will bring you lots of cool stuff. Especially the Spongebob pajamas you want!

abbysaur said...

Simon is my kitty and he sleeps with me every night! Vote for Simon!

dalanwood said...

We raised Simon from birth and he is a very special member of our family! We have his kitty mommy and daddy too! Orange cats rock!