Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contestant #32


"This a photo of my Yorkshire Terrier, Duchess. She is 5 years old and loves having her picture taken."


jamfiescreations1 said...

How can this little thing have
0 comments, she is just too cute.

Mary O

JewelryBySolange said...

This picture is so cute on so many levels! All I want to say is Awwwwww!


StylinDogsBoutique said...

This picture and this little dog is just so precious.
I vote for Duchess.
Gianna and Giupetto's Dad

CharmingK9Designs said...

Wow! All of the babies are so adorable but this little girl just has the happiest of expressions! Yes the photo is cute all by itself but her little expression has won our vote today!

From your friends in Tennessee - Victoria, Bridgette, Ginger & Flame

Hippy said...

Duchess is a doll, she is beyond too cute and love how she dresses up!!!
Hugs, ~hippy