Saturday, August 15, 2009

Contestant #15


"Carmella likes to cool off in front of the air conditioning vent in the kitchen."


Giftbearer said...

Go Carmella! If any of you readers would like to know more about this amazing dog, check out my blog at

Her story starts in early July of 2008.

She's the first dog in the US outside a lab setting to be fully cured of canine distemper in both body and central nervous system.

jqjewelrydesigns said...

Carmella is just beautiful!

Kalicat said...

I know dogs hunt rabbits and it is nice to see them benig friends too

FrumsGlass said...

Carmella gets our vote. She is such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Carmella is a very special dog. We wish her the best of luck.
Hal & Pam

StylinDogsBoutique said...

Carmella looks really sweet. It looks like she loves that bunny toy.
Here's our vote.

Giftbearer said...

Thanks! Carmella is a real comfort to me right now. She's been curling up next to me while I've been sick and in bed.

She needs to win this contest very badly as she's been gradually chewing the linolium floor for the past few months.

Her deadly micro-snout needs new stimulation, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet :)