Saturday, July 11, 2009

Contestant #6

Parrotlet (worlds smallest breed of parrot)

Title: Grrrrr

My bird Chewy has an incredible personality. She is constantly
playing with her bouncy balls, whistling, running around her cage, and
eating. She is with me all day long and enjoys eating fruit with her
mommy. There are three things she doesn't like... The vacuum cleaner
because it is scary, the mop because it cleans around her cage, and
the lens on a video camera. In this video you hear a buzzing sound at
the beginning... this is actually my bird growling. She is attempting
to scare the camera.


Jamie said...

I have to vote for Chewie! We "bird people" have to stick together :o)- I have a Congo African Grey Parrot


Anonymous said...

My votes for Chewie as well. What pretty birdie!


StylinDogsBoutique said...

This vote is for Chewy. I am a parrottlet, and I do understand that you are upset about the remote control. Sometimes my humans pay more attention to that remote control than they do mean, and boy do I get mad, so this vote is for you.
Bird kisses from Giacomo