Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Contestant #3

Torres, Max and Molly

Title: Tea Party

This video shows 3 greyhounds having a 'tea party' involving lots of fun with a box of teabags they found on the kitchen worktop in our absence! Torres is the black & white dog who is the main player in the video - he is our foster dog at the moment (the camera was set up whilst we were out to check for any signs of separation anxiety (rest assured was sound asleep on the sofa for the rest of the 2 hour period in which they were left alone!). Max is the brindle dog who joins in towards the end, & Molly is the black & white dog asleep on the sofa for the duration! These 2 are my own dogs.



Kay said...

Too funny! That's one way to get the seat you want- get the guy in it interested in something else!

mvegan said...

very cute, voting for this one! ;0) Michele