Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Contestant #12


Title: Dachshund Dog Gets Eaten by Crocodile

She loves her costumes! We help raise money for breast cancer causes. I've been doing rescue for 29 years, Peewee is one of those rescues. She has come a long ways in being happy and wagging her tail proves it!


TumbleWeedGirl said...

I love your pet! It really brings back memories of when I was a child and had the exact look of your pet! Good luck!

customjewelrybysolange said...

What a cutie you got there...too bad she was eaten by the aligator teehee... I think its great that you raise money for Cancer. That touches home for me, as I have lost too many people to Cancer.
Daisy the Dachshund (our little one) would like to say Weinies Unit! Good Luck!