Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Contestant #37


Funny Trait:

"Flash is a 4 yr. old male beagle who got his name from his constant running, aka "flashing" through the house when he was a pup. Now, we have thought of changing his name to "Snooze" since that has become his favorite pastime! You can usually find Flash napping on the couch, armchair, or one of his 2 people boys' beds. His favorite snooze spot is the living room sofa, on my vintage needlepoint pillows, which we call his "two-pillow nest.""


tricia said...

Flash has my vote! He is a very special beagle boy, and a friend to my Lulu!
I have seen this spunky guy in action on video...he sure is a cutie! Long Live Flash!

Julie said...

I love flash at rest or at flashing,,,he's got a debonaire beagle look!

tolkiennut said...

A really hard choice, as all of the pets are adorable, but Flash has won my heart & vote!

Anonymous said...

what a dog. look at that proud face

Anonymous said...

He's adorable!