Saturday, May 2, 2009

Contestant #22


Funny Trait:

"Loki is almost two and his favorite hobbies include attacking my other cat and exposing me to the neighbors as I sit in front of the window in my underwear by moving the mini blinds to the side. He likes hiding his catnip mouse all
over the apartment and gets into everything. This is a picture of his adopted sis getting sweet revenge on him by attempting to squish him."


Lunachick Designs said...

I vote for my adorable, slightly squished Loki, as he is glaring at me and I fear for my life if I don't. ;P

tricia said...

Aww Loki is a sweetie....even slightly swished!

Lunachick Designs said...

Come on, peeps! Loki needs some votes! :D

Look what he put up with for this photo op!